Magical Adventures & Pony Tales is a collection of six enchanting pony inspired children’s short stories, drawing readers into magical lands with unforgettable characters and ponies. Fantastic friendships, battles between good and bad and magical mysteries all come together in this unforgettable world.

The Painted Pony – meet a young boy who helps a carousel pony come to life at midnight
The Girl and her Pony – sneer at a spoilt princess who demands ownership of a peasant’s beloved pony, with disastrous consequences
The Galloping Pony – encourage a gypsy cob who trains to become a racehorse to save his farm, despite his unconventional racehorse looks
The Runaway Pony – ponder as the spoilt princess gets a chance of redemption when accidentally galloping into Faerie and The Bog of Eternal Endurance
The Desert Pony – cheer on a child shepherd who sells his goats for a flying pony in search of his parents lost within the Sahara Desert
The Wooden Pony – feel the magic as a carpenter’s son helps a rocking horse discover freedom and life outside the workshop

 “A mesmerising, action packed and magical collection – it’s like The Chronicles of Narnia for horses!”

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