Author of Magical Middle Grade Books

Author of Middle Grade Books for Children

Angharad Thompson Rees is the author of the Magical Adventures & Pony Tales children’s book series. She writes comic scripts for a popular European pony magazine and her short stories have been published in many young adult literary journals across the world. A dabbling poet, Angharad won the judge’s pick in an international spoken word competition and is working on a children’s fantasy novel-in-verse.

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Before writing full time, Angharad travelled the world working with horses, from Olympic showjumpers and Melbourne Cup Festival racehorses to breaking in and schooling Horse of the Year show ponies. She trained in the art of horse whispering and helped facilitate workshops in France to help owners create better relationships with young horses.

But her proudest moment was winning her regional dressage championships as a junior on her pony, Hillside Sonnet – who was claimed to be unrideable. The fiery red pony was the inspiration for Magical Adventures & Pony Tales and lives on in memory within the pages of The Girl and her Pony.

Angharad Thompson Rees – Doodles, Sketches & Stuff

Sometimes I doodle and sketch, and sometimes I colour in with pencils or watercolours… I’m not very good at the latter, but still, it’s fun, so I do it regardless. My doodles are mostly inspired by the characters that come along and plant themselves in my mind, or the landscapes they might inhabit, or dreams they may steal. Art, as in life, is a journey, and I hope to continue on the path and maybe, one day, create something beautiful. Until then, I’ll keep practising, in fact, why don’t you join me and send your doodles of the ponies of Magical Adventures & Pony tales? I’d love to see them!

Angharad Thompson Rees – The Poet

Generations of my family have been storytellers. In fact, one of my cherished possession is a prize-winning poetry book written by my great grandmother. I hope to follow suit one day. Until then, my poetry has been published in magazines and anthology collections. My debut spoken word performance won the judges pick at an international spoken word competition, which highlighted young women’s self-esteem issues. But my most exciting poetry is my current work in progress – a children’s middle grade fantasy novel-in-verse, The Making of a Knight, where there be dragons and merfolk and adventures ahoy! You can read a snippet if you like…

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Angharad Thompson Rees – The Travel Blogger

Adventure, discovery and exploration – that would be my middle name if my name were not already far too long. The point is, I love the world and everything in it, which is why I travel near and far. I always take a book, a pen and a sketch pad because I like to remember these wonderful experiences in exquisite detail. So I camp in the wilderness, surf oceans, ride camels across the desert sands, swim with wild dolphins – and then I write about it on my travel blog at VisitingNSW….

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Angharad Thompson Rees – The Freelance Writer

Sometimes I write stuff that isn’t made up such as real-life articles and things. I might eat a yummy lunch and write about it for the Sydney Scoop, or watch a funky fashion show in the middle of the ocean (I promise that’s not made up!) for the Plus Ones. I’ve written about Yoga for the Elephant Journal and surf poetry for Surfgirl Mag. There was even I time I wrote about real life ghosts (but I don’t think they really were real life, not really!). So, I write. I write a lot and I write a lot of random things…

Angharad Thompson Rees Freelance Writer

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