Angharad Thompson Rees – Unicorn Lover, Author, Dabbling Illustrator

This page is being magically updated behind the scenes with recents works, until then here’s a little sample or two!

Stargazer Ponders

Will he ever Leave the Circus?
a scene from
The Painted Pony

The Rocking Horse Blinked!

There’s something strange about this rocking horse
scene from
The Wooden Pony

Princess Annabella Fellabella of the Astonmead Realm

Doodle Inspiration
The Princess Dragon Tamer

A Small Pony with a Big Dream

Can Warmheart of Pennydale ever become a racehorse?

Scene from The Galloping pony

Caramath Escapes the Kingdom

Scene Inspiration
For Children’s Fantasy Novel WIP, Cararamth

A Royal Perspective

The Little Serving Girl
Entered for SCBWI Draw This!

A Quest above the Desert

Will the Seeker find the Thing he Seeks?
scene from
The Desert Pony

A Castle in the Sky

Hummingbird Palace
inspiration for
The Princess Dragon Tamer