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Angharad Thompson Rees – Scriptwriter & Author

Current Title: Children’s Short Story Collection: Magical Adventures & Pony Tales

  • Title: Magical Adventures & Pony Tales
  • Author: Angharad Thompson Rees
  • Category: Juvenile Fiction: Animal, Horses, Juvenile Fiction: Short Stories
  • ISBN: 0-6480702-0-4
  • Format: Trade / Epub / Mobi
  • Publication Date: 20 June 2017
  • Pages: 226
  • Price: $9.99 Print $2.99 Digital
  • Trim: 5.06″ x 7.81″
  • Available from: Coming Soon: Ingram Book Company / Amazon
  • First Print Run: On demand

Six Magical Stories in 1 Spellbinding Book

Lose yourself in the enchanting lands of Magical Adventures & Pony Tales. This beautiful collection of six pony inspired stories is perfect for horse mad boys and girls. You’ll discover fantastic friendships, battles between good and bad and magical mysteries that all come together in this unforgettable world. Hold on tight and tally ho! Wild horses will not tear you away from the pages!

  • The Painted Pony – meet a young boy who helps a carousel pony come to life at midnight
  • The Girl and her Pony – sneer at a spoilt princess who demands ownership of a peasant’s beloved pony, with disastrous consequences
  • The Galloping Pony – encourage a gypsy cob who trains to become a racehorse to save his farm, despite his unconventional racehorse looks
  • The Runaway Pony – ponder as the spoilt princess gets a chance of redemption when accidentally galloping into Faerie and The Bog of Eternal Endurance
  • The Desert Pony – cheer on a child shepherd who sells his goats for a flying pony in search of his parents lost within the Sahara Desert
  • The Wooden Pony – feel the magic as a carpenter’s son helps a rocking horse discover freedom and life outside the workshop

A mesmerising, action packed and magical collection – it’s like The Chronicles of Narnia for horses!

It provides kids with the clear moral that they should never give up. All that is needed is a love for something and perseverance to bring about a positive result.

Equus Education

I really felt like it was an amazing warm fun-loving book. It made me so happy!

Reader Review

Great kids book – if they love horses this is the book to get!

Reader Review

The author paints such a sweet wonderful story. Full of wonder and awe, it truly is a magical book.  The way the author writes is poetic. You are sent to a magical place where anything is possible.

Reader Review

Short Bio: Angharad Thompson Rees is an author and comic scriptwriter for children and young adults. She has worked with horses across the globe from Olympic showjumpers and Melbourne Cup Festival racehorses to training young horses using horse whispering techniques. Her lifelong passion and in-depth knowledge of equestrianism bring the ponies of Magical Adventures & Pony Tales to life.

Long Bio: Angharad Thompson Rees is the author of the Magical Adventures & Pony Tales children’s book series. She writes comic scripts for a popular European pony magazine and her short stories have been published in many young adult literary journals across the world. A dabbling poet, Angharad won the judge’s pick in an international spoken word competition and is working on a children’s fantasy novel-in-verse.

Before writing full time, Angharad travelled the world working with horses, from Olympic showjumpers and Melbourne Cup Festival racehorses to breaking in and schooling Horse of the Year show ponies. She trained in the art of horse whispering and helped facilitate workshops in France to help owners create better relationships with young horses.

But her proudest moment was winning her regional dressage championships as a junior on her pony, Hillside Sonnet – who was claimed to be unrideable. The fiery red pony was the inspiration for Magical Adventures & Pony Tales and lives on in memory within the pages of The Girl and her Pony.