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“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On The Artist’s Way or Writing Rituals

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Sharing the Writer's Life Rituals are features known to all human society; whether religious or ceremonial, mystical or magical. It seems the practice of a ritual proceeds any performance of reverence. Perhaps that is why we writers create our...

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A Little Sunshine

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Sharing the Writer's Life I have a bike whose name is Sunshine, partly because of its colour and partly because of the way if makes me feel. My bike is bright yellow with a basket at the front where I keep all my books. I love riding my yellow...

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On Not Writing

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Sharing the Writer's Life Stephen King smugly recommends in his famous writing bible, On Writing, that we, as writers, need to be writing Every.Single.Day – and he makes a good point, because he knows, I’m assuming, what happens after a...

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One Small Unicorn’s Big Adventure!

A Little Introduction to Sydney and his Travels Adventures t occurred to Sydney that it was rather boring life living on the bedside table in a small apartment. He realised, being wise and full of Unicorn wisdom, that he could choose to pack his...

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The Painted Pony

A Children's Short Story Sample from Magical Adventures & Pony Tales targazer lived in a kaleidoscope of colours such that the rainbow looked bland in comparison. In his world, blue turned into every shade of pink, and gold glittered and...

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The Galloping Pony

A New Children's Book Coming Soon - Magical Adventures & Pony Tales e was not the handsomest foal ever born, but he was perhaps the cutest. His limbs were too stocky to be described as elegant, and tufts of white and ginger feathers around his...

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The Girl and Her Pony

A Story Sharing the Unbreakable Bond of a Girl and her Pony - Sample from Magical Adventures & Pony Tales ovehart Heath was a charming little village. It was made up of cobbled-stoned lanes and fields of various shades of green, separated by...

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The Runaway Pony

A Children's Short Story Sample from Magical Adventures & Pony Tales here once was a grand wooden bridge, only now it is worn and weathered. It creaks at the slightest pressure from a fox’s light skipping paws, and sways with wind caused even by a...

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