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For all you new-age, digital-loving, book reading, take-my-library-where-ever-I-go type of rockstars. Why carry one book with you, when you can have them all? A selection of ebooks from only 99c (and you saved some trees, SWEET!)

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For all you nothing-beats-a-book-in-your-hand, page-turning, new-book-whiffing (who doesn’t love the smell of new books hot off the press?), and can’t-get-enough-books-on-my-bookshelf type of diva’s.  You know who you are… and you know your bookshelf needs more love!

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For all you I-love-free-books, let-me-have-them-in-my-inbox-now-pretty-please-lovely-kind-author type of sweeties. Come join my Little Whimsey Gang and you’ll get heads up for all upcoming free books! You are most welcome.