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I’m Angharad.

Author of the Magical Adventures & Pony Tales children’s book series. I also write dark and haunting young adult stories, fun comic scripts, and not-so-literary-poetry.




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Recent Books

“Each of these stories encompassed the magic of a childhood cherishing the perfection of everything about my equine companions…” Reader Review

Inspired by my own experiences as a pony-mad little girl and later, as an equine professional, Magical Adventures & Pony Tales is a collection of whimsical and lyrical tales woven with love and magic. Each captures the irreplaceable bond between a child and their pony. Lose yourself in wondrous adventures as you follow the brave children and their courageous ponies through the land of Faerie and beyond. Six ponies, six tales, and six unforgettable friendships…

The Full


“The pony showed more speed than she ever had before, dashing through the twilight evening, and Princess Sophia was at once both terrified and exhilarated. In one moment, the young princess thought to pull the reins with all her might to try slowing the pony, yet at the same time, with the wind whipping the air from her lungs and the pounding hooves beneath her, Sophia held on to Sky’s mane, and smiled.”

Excerpt From: “Magical Adventures & Pony Tales: 6 Magical Stories in 1 Spellbinding Book


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